I started an apprenticeship back in November 2009 with a view to only hand poke for a year before graduating on to the machine.
Before that year was up I was already in love with this gentle and intimate way of tattooing.
I love to create unique designs for my clients and push the boundaries of handpoke/ machine free tattooing.

My obsession with symbolism and geometry started when I was a child creating artwork based around Egyptian hieroglyphs. Back then I started to encode my art with symbolism from across different cultures to see if anyone could read my art. 
Being dyslexic words often have little meaning to me, but an image can purvey so much more than just a narration.
However it wasn't until the early 2000's I happened upon Masaru Emoto's;- Messages from Water, whilst traveling on the London Underground. His work profoundly affected my artwork and the conscious use and intent of positive symbology to affect the viewer/ wearer either consciously or subconsciously.

As a hand poke tattoo artist I really enjoy undertaking large pieces as well as small, Utilising line and dot work which I love and employing smooth shading and colour blends.​

handpoke tattoos